Friday, 16 July 2010

One of the best exercises for firm thighs and a sexy butt

Almost every girl I meet likes to know what are the most effective exercises for thighs and how to get a firmer butt. .Now I always answer that for the great looking legs and a tighter butt you definitely need to be doing  exercises such as lunges, squats, dead-lifts and step-ups to achieve the slim firm thighs which will get your pals green with envy.

For great looking thighs and a firm butt start lunging!

The fact why I rate these exercises for thighs and your butt so highly is because of the huge amount of variation you can apply to every movement that continuously challenges and works the muscles tougher. Being able to modify and progress with each exercise means that your training never gets dull and your leg muscles are continually getting a really beneficial workout

Understanding this and with so much knowledge now accessible on the internet and television it still amazes me just how many woman I still see plodding away on the leg machines in the gym. Now I will confess they can be helpful but for me the best results I have attained for my clients are with free movement exercises.

A good example of a thigh exercise you can do is the good old lunge. There are a large amount of variations of this exercise and they all make your thighs and butt burn and firm like crazy.

The standard lunge is either the front or a reverse lunge. However both of these can be a little difficult if you have never done these before. Therefore if you are reading this with no experience of this movement then I advise you start with a static lunge.

For the correct way to do this action you must first take a large step ahead. The front foot should be flat on the ground with your shin as straight as possible.

The back foot should be resting on the ball of the foot. Then with your back straight and shoulders back breathe in and slowly lower the knee of the trailing leg until it nearly touches the floor. At this point the thigh of the front leg should be parallel to the ground as well. Return to initial position and keep repeating for required reps.

By beginning with the static lunge you can make sure your balance and coordination are acceptable before you think of including movement to the exercise. However don't believe this is any easier because if done correctly it will have your thighs and butt shouting for mercy.

If your doing lunges already try this variation

For those of you already doing lunges regularly try the cross over lunge for advancing your training. The cross over lunge is almost the same as a regular lunge but instead of stepping out straight in front ,step across your standing leg at a 45 degree angle. For the reverse movement just step behind and across at the same angle. This not only makes the movement more challenging but you will place more stress on the outer thigh and buttock.

How to burn even more fat

As I pointed out before doing lunges is beneficial for burning body fat. Nevertheless if you want to enhance this even more then a walking lunge is what you require.

To do this all you do is walk forward with each lunge step Instead of standing in one position and either lunging forward or lunging backward one step.Try to aim for a selected length and after that turn around and come back.

This is a awesome fat burning exercise and for more development to have your body working more intensely either include weight in the form of dumbbells or barbells or increase the range or do both of them!

Just two or three sets of these will have your thighs burning like crazy and your heart pounding which is precisely what you want when trying to move those last few stubborn pounds of fat.

As I mentioned at the beginning I love lunges and the benefits I get from them. If your not implementing them in your fitness programs I encourage you give them a try as quickly as possible.

I assure you're going to acquire tighter, firmer thighs in no time at all.